Out There


To go beyond

to test the boundaries

to question everything about yourself

prepared to believe

to see

to journey

to be

to discover

to love

to trust

in not knowing

solutions appear

and flourish

in the absence of fear


Dancing In The Snow


To you I gave my faith
to the point I now have none
and stumbling through
concrete jungles
from man and god’s I run
you said you would protect me
seemed to see some hidden truth
I thought that you were brilliant
but you were just high
searching for  half smoked cigarettes
barefoot in the snow
paying attention to the pennies
that somehow led to more
and tripping through doorways
with you
only on days
you only woke me
to give me more
then you’d take me dancing barefoot
back out in that snow
where caution distracts
over corrects
and slipping over puddles
broke free and braced myself ‘gainst a wall
doubting anything of substance
afraid to let go
afraid to fall
thankful to be clinging to something real
which teetering had clearly revealed
somehow choosing something
that would not fall with me
could provide the balance needed to heal
but now the world was too real
too cold,
not enough color
the skeptic, septic to romance
muting such light,
weigh sensibilities to prefer heavy clouds
confronting only questions of significance
always fearful of loss
ever mindful of trust.