DL- Meditation on Compassion


Spirit of harmony
dawn and dusk
teaming in trending light

the god and intellect
that fostered faith and vision
training single focused sight

convicted analysis
balancing the generalized experiment
silencing the artificial elements

deny, defy, define
climb the external walls
discover freedom
through that which binds

interior taught oceans
home to swelling
cresting main mind waves
the future and memory
that come and go
rise and fall
without disturbing
the purity of the water

find truth
and that which matters
through the infinite void
of importance and significance
found within antimatter
while charting the conquest
between cruelty and compassion
upon scrolling emotional indifference

expose and develop
mind itself
delineating attachment’s lessons
closing the gap
between genuine reality
questioning the frailty
of closeness

adding reason to compassion
that forges concern
ever widening and expanding
the distance
from where I am
to where I should be
stifling purpose
abandons existence
and forgets humanity
becoming blind to the moment
on a mission to make a difference

spontaneous emotion
reacting without reason
involvement without analysis
the negative impulse
of ineffective energy

blind narrow mindedness
lacking and intolerant
cannot see the binding angles
and particles
or account for varieties presence


Stop         Breathe         Reflect         Analyze         Introspect

Develop the positive
energetic response
quiet the war within
patiently traverse
sharpen effective talents


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