Just to Reiterate


Just to reiterate…

Didn’t we flee from tyranny?

Fight to be free?

Escape the persecution

of religion and kings?

For freedom to practice

and live as we want,

discover new frontiers,

make a fresh start.

Yet, one voice continues

to be heard above all others.

Condemning those who they fear.

Matching brother against brother.

Judging each other

in the name of their father.

Claiming to be righteous

yet, casting the stones.

Shattering the pursuit of happiness.

Pretending to know

what is and what should be,

what’s best for us all.

Trying to save what’s held sacred

then making that law.

But, we are a country of minorities

who have sought to be free,

fought for our rights,

stood up for what we believe.

And every so often the vision

is blurred by a few

and we forget the hardships

that some of us have had to endure

lose sight of that freedom

becoming too complacent

and give up those rights

out of fear, for protection.

Of all the things
 we need to defend,

does marriage need saving?

Be kept for a woman and man?

This sacred institute

riddled by divorce

broken homes

part-time parents

abandoned children


yet two men getting married,

that will ruin mankind?

That’s unholy?

That’s where god draws the line?

The fact is “til death do us part”

now only lasts a few days

only allowed to heterosexuals

not dependent on faith.

For, if a christian marries sikh,

budhist marries jew,

which god is it

that shares this view?

That sees same sex marriage as a disgrace

and deems it unworthy to be recognized by this state?

Maybe it’s any god,
just as long as there’s one present

although, no wait…

an atheist man can marry an atheist woman.

What then is the hold up?

How is this view point
 less radical than mine?

Don’t we have justices of the peace?

Surely their not there just to save money and time.

Do we really need to wait for the church doctrine to make an amendment?

Or can we let each church decide what’s right for its own congregation?

(without declaring or dictating what I’m allowed to do)

I’m ex-military,

I’m a citizen,

I pay taxes,

I’ve paid my dues!

How has this fight been taken out of our hands?

How is it we are still having this fight?

Jefferson already stated clearly

majority rule, minority rights!

So why is this decision allowed to be made

by those committing the oppression;

those who in the name of a christian god

refuse to show love and compassion?

Instead of getting distracted

by an abusive, petty bully

let’s fight for freedom,

realize we don’t have to agree!

Fight fire with fire!

Not forget the constitution!

Acknowledge not everyone is christian

and neither is every marriage!

It’s time we made that distinction!

Argue the points that truly matter.

Not waste time getting chick-fil-a to agree!

Who cares what they think?

Their allowed their freedom of speech

marriage is social contract

hell, Utah legalized polygamy

it’s a proclamation recognized by the state.

The protestant christian religions do not own a monopoly.

Our founders were smart.

We have separation of church and state for a reason!

We are allowed to disagree

that’s the true beauty of freedom.

Everyone is allowed their personal opinion

that is why we have freedom of speech!

If you don’t like, don’t get one!
 But don’t deny me.

What are the lessons you are trying to teach?

That we should hate each other?

That we should condemn what’s different?

Refuse other people’s beliefs and freedoms,

since they aren’t going to go to heaven?

Again, that is opinion;

that is a belief requiring faith

and for this particular discussion

it simply has no place.

I do not believe the same as you

yet your making me live by those rules.

I am a free man and therefore,

I should be able to marry who I choose.

Let the church fight their own internal battles

why are we still waiting for permission?

We should be calling a spade a spade

and recognizing oppression as oppression!


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