Never Wonderland

half full 1

To you I gave my faith
to a point where I had none
and stumbling through concrete jungles
from God’s and men I run…

You, mad hatter tapper
scraped cross and cut the lines
of fairy dust to Neverland
free from space and time
tripping over crumbs and pennies
I followed through each slamming door
dozing door mouse kept in a teapot
you only woke me to feed me more
on ageless dreams and pirate ships
flying through the land of stars
where character meant nothing
while casting spells of charm
tempting caterpillars upon mushroom tops
who held the keys to all
with bounty stole below these decks
to save us from the fall
but pixie dust was not enough
to keep this boat aflight
and where there was once precious treasure
lay promises barren plight
running through maze gardens
while painting roses red
from an unpaid pirate queen
and wonderland I finally fled
I let that love fall behind to be slain
to pay the final debt
denying fate and fairy tales
and off the plank I leapt
I woke to find I had only been lost
and at last the truth I could finally face
it was not love that was the cost
the true sacrifice was my faith
for you never really loved me
although you may have cared
this whole tale I chased a white rabbit
that wasn’t late but never there


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