Pascal’s Threat


I get lost in Pascal’s world of contingency plans
where everyone plays second to the point
and prays on their knees to a god that’s said
to forgive, protect, and anoint
they forget to go on living
betting on the wager that’s been given
and pass up the chance of true freedom
for the promise and price of heaven
eyes on the prize, instead of the ball
afraid of the game, not wanting to fall
compulsively forging superficial attachments
while trying to remain untainted
completely lacking compassion
and wasting the gift, that just is…
ask yourself why you get caught up
in the drama and politeness of acquaintances
distort causal effects, assume facts, use faulty logic
missing those rare and precious circumstances
that actually allow you to be who you are
and feel the full impact of real emotion
without all the doubtful games of unimaginative reason
embrace the world with love and devotion
there’s so much out there left to do
to sit around and waste the potential of you
it’s a serious epidemic that plagues us today
it chokes us and blinds us to live in this way
that we castrate ourselves in hopes of acceptance
living in fear of what will come in the form of consequences
stumbling on watches that live and breathe,
bond and split, spin and collide
ebb and flow, push and pull,
orbits, poles, synapse, tides
creating life where all living things die
this is no simple watch made by man
there is no answer as to how it began
we truly could be brains in a vat
but what would be the point of that
if this were the matrix
would you choose the blue pill to climb out of this rabbit hole
reclaim a life that without your knowing
someone or something stole
we live in a world of contradictions
believing and practicing different ways
big bang theories that supposedly disprove god
while not fully explaining the grays
always falling short, not addressing the moment before
therefore inevitably leading back to the same
questions for more
greek gods, animal spirits, perfect orbs rotating round a solipsist’s heaven
replaced by “truer” theories, philosophies,
to the popular streamlined monotheisms
that moved god from out in the universe to now, where heavens within
made us all gods, uploading to the cloud, adding to the omnipotence
through which our fingers access, not concerned with the contents
and all facets of humility is on display
becoming the celebrity of your own facebook page
listing idols of preference
and the latest trending thought
cyberspace is where the next revolutions will be fought
foods are now labelled organic but then too expensive to buy
and the stuff that’ll kill you is a buck ninety nine
“til death do us part” only lasts a few days
only allowed to heterosexual couples, not dependent on faith
jews marry muslim, christians marry scientologists,
buddhist marry hindi, agnostic marry sikh
so which god is it that sees same sex marriage as a disgrace
and deems it unworthy to be recognized by this state
is it just any god, as long as there is one present
although, no wait, an atheist man can marry an atheist woman
so does the church doctrine really need another amendment in order to remain inerrant
or can we let each church decide whats right for its own congregation
show them love and hope finally rise above personal degradation
that we are capable of the love and patience we are asking of them
teach the haters how not to hate
not hate them back as if we remain unable to relate
acknowledge not everyone is christian and neither is every marriage
remember we live in the land of the free,
where we’re too allowed to stand up, it is our duty to fight
our fore father’s made sure to state clearly
majority rule, minority rights
history repeats itself but come on,
don’t we know by now that doesn’t mean
male, rich, protestant, and white
haven’t we been through this enough to know we’ve heard this plight
everyone claiming blind faith, having found the one truth
and apparently therefore, the right to condemn
however, doesn’t this all come from justified abstract belief
the means to an end
we could never fathom or conceive of the answer
therefore the church continues and remains the truth’s handler
but if that were true, why do I think,
why should I tend to this garden,
develop, grow, question who I am
who is this I to which I refer
why is this I so malleable, plastic, adaptable
yet held to as if my I can’t change
“oh, I don’t do that, I never eat that, that’s just not me”
is it because I have no faith, am ignorant, and stand untrusting
questioning mighty minds I have no right to challenge
they figured it out so there’s no need for me to search
blindly accept what comes from those who came first
not discover, learn from, or recognize the messages real worth
do I need to know it word for word, chapter and verse
to feel and know in my heart
that love is needed, a seed that must be tended
and can save this soul and this earth
existence is no found watch that could be made by man
and though the purpose may be something I will never understand
the characteristics of this watchmaker are nothing like that of man
but isn’t prudence a virtue almost every religion professes
thoughtful patience applied to the instant
strength training of focus through prayer and meditation
this energy and light that I can bring into myself
call upon to help me achieve the positive propulsion
through the energetic influences
of forgiveness, patience, love and strength
does it really need a face,
what is it that is so comforting
about a persona that stands judging with a plan
does it need the conscious limitations
does it need arms to hold me with, possess the power to condemn
have all the answers and do all the things I can’t
do I need to spend forty years under a bodhi tree
until disillusionment quells my desire
spurns my faith, leads me to the light
I am in and of this garden, I do not want to watch it die
fall prey to despondent gardeners that strangle loves light like a vine
released from responsibility, medicating empathy,
unwilling and too lazy to try,
those that can never satiate their cravings and are not paying attention
just passing through, biding their time until they reach heaven
In life after death having left no effect
hoping to find what you’ve come to expect
it’s only truly sinful or deviant not to maintain or participate with full reverence
not hold myself responsible and live in indifference
for whatever reason, we experience and create
use the gifts you’ve been given
before it’s too late
love one another, question the accepted
be here in this now, what happened to making this place heaven
immerse the world in love, forget the old crusades
surely we know enough to know brute force is not the way
nothing is forever,
anything can happen once,
and the only constant is change
it becomes easier to find beauty if it is only beauty I create
I’m talking about a spirituality not laid forth by the church
one that interconnects us and could stay with us from birth
crossing culture and language,
not just bridging but loving the gap
finding peace in chaos,
not focused on what others lack
being at one, not holding on or back
going forth positively charged
dissipating peacefully into the unknown
infinitely out and infinitely in
being at peace with ourselves and the world
when we inevitably reach the end
religion is based not on fact but opinion
and righteous men that speak of virtue
and rituals in the form of tradition
spirituality allows you to enjoy and live
it is something that comes deep from within
not rules or tasks to be performed for judges
they are lessons of ebb and flow taken from existence
don’t stand stagnant on this path fearful its too violent
for the promise and price that comes with heaven
a promise and price set by man’s hands
we have been conditioned to believe we could never understand
Religion has been the cause of war for thousands of years
spirituality gave soldiers the conviction
to shed their blood and their tears
battle lines are drawn when two prides stand opposing
men fight for their brothers who they believe need protecting
what if no one was slave to another
we no longer fought over who was right
accepted that no one knows whats to come
acknowledged arguing the unexplainable is a pointless fight
this all leads back to that contingency plan
for it drives such limiting effects
what could be wrong with just blindly following
never truly learning the lessons for yourself
and finding a path to righteousness
thats earned, that you’re not entitled
thats full of truly loving your neighbor as thyself
and allowing the modern to question the defined
what if there is nothing here after, nowhere to go
then at least their lives were impressive, at least in show
and if heaven is there and angels and ancestors actually await
then on to happy reunions when you pass through those pearly gates
isn’t that how it plays that movie in your mind
you’re standing outside heaven waiting in line
while hell’s a trap door covered by clouds
and only opens for “those others” that won’t be allowed
thank god that won’t happen to you
you will be saved
you went to church and jumped through the hoops
strictly followed the way
you took all the steps to show you believe jesus died for your sins
so that you are forgiven and free to sin again
disregarding the world, afraid to challenge your faith
stepping over and around, avoiding every conflict you can
just in case nothings there
its still accepted as the best contingency plan.


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