The Raft


I came to a river
the water swift
and stood at the edge
to millions
of thousand year old hands
applaud their feat
which stretched before me
even though my heart felt weak
pure will drove that now
but would soon leave
this now familiar
gravel beach
so soul took over
unable to accept defeat
and waded out into the water
that yanked at my feet
when a raft came floating past
I lunged after it
and it caught my weight
my flailing calmed
as I trusted
this seeming sturdy fate
that still needed guiding
while keeping me safe
it carried me cross
over the current to new shores
that lie in wait
I thanked the raft
with tears in my eyes
and pushed it back in the water
to help another’s fate
for though I loved the raft
with all my heart
I can not carry its weight
I continue my path
having faith
another raft
will present itself
when needed
and I will accept
grateful for the gift
mine is not to be wary
always on guard
in the hopes to protect
its to trust the stars
that light this trip
so in my knowing
these feet keep striving
not fearful of the next river
but forging a completely new path


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