To My Knight


You came to me like a knight in shining armor
full of promise, valor, talking of honor
You captured my attention, claimed my dreams
fed hungering hope with fantastical themes
and story book possibilities of epic proportion
proclaiming my heart gave you the power
to conquer both love and devotion
in one single body you found passion and trust
and for the first time fell deeply in lust
but you were just playing a role
acting the handsome knight
and before you faced mine
you had your own demons to fight
you proved not strong enough
and here’s where you lie
slain to vain battle
dead in my eyes
and though I mourned you
I never looked back
for I’m no helpless damsel
and can fiercely attack
hastily fashioning shield and armor
protecting a wound that cut to the bone
swallowing my spite
while not drowning on pride
I faced the strange horizons on my own
no longer weak and exposed
having learned to love my own way
I continue to wander this world alone
with one less knight
to fill my days


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