Your You and My I


how do you know who your you is?
what is this I to which I refer?
that flies down now automatic highways
and corridors of which my I prefers
trusted as infallible
at one with desire and loss
captain of this separated vessel
navigating intersections your you has crossed
equaling totaled solutions
depended on time and again
that have carved the rifts and riverbanks
sparked by synaptic
firing hidden beneath your skin
yet, this formless grey
from which comes all matter
proves abstract and the infinitely boundless
noting that which doesn’t fit the pattern
while melding the journey seamless
homeostasis balanced and justified
cognitive chords corresponding constraint
where dissonance creates the quest and lessons
that continually reverberate
echoing off tested and tried
defining trusted and true
within the mean and accessible
frequency resolving
resounding in a solid you
the I is different
a totally different beast
where ego and subconscious meet
labeled and deconstructed
by complex higher thinking
aiming attentive processes
to pointed soulful living
that restlessly projects
seeking to transcend
through substance, meditation, or prayer
every sense and differentiation
through reasoning compares
working tirelessly in pursuit of desire and want
constantly chasing distracting tangents
reconstructing and analyzing
rearranging for continuity of events
all pieces of data inseparable
utterly, hopelessly bound
with no other way or definition
no better singular self referral found
that is the thread
that weaves the cloth
and holds together all the ends
folding, binding, classifying
ever slighter trends
of degrading light and sliver shades
that distinguish and pronounce
the world that calls for inhibitions
further alienating the self
as the gap between the you and I
ever widened by entitled individuality
labels and distinction muddle the path
numb and dull duality
that builds the character
track by track
that loops inside the I
and turns 0’s to 1’s
as it spins and spikes
creating to many 0’s
thus always lie
till neither can be trusted
while seeking excitement
yet afraid to try
this riddle of self
begins to untangle
the tethered ends
that threaten to strangle
but create the bonds
the weave of existence
and blooming blossoms
budding significance
that recognizes the beautiful
and the miraculous
through patience and humility
and finally realize greatness
where you and I
are at peace and joint
and there is no space
between distant points
while stretching time
of we and us
and collectively develop
through love and trust


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